Who am I?

Currently a student in New Bulgarian University and pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, I balance between theory and practice by developing a career in information security. During my time as part of Paragon Internet Group Bulgaria’s team (GoDaddy EMEA), I found myself loving the open-source community, the GNU philosophy and the hacker ethic.

What have I done?

In the past, I have taken care of CentOS-based web servers with LAMP and cPanel. At the moment, I am a certified Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall Administrator and mostly work with Security Information and Event Management and Data Loss Prevention systems.

What am I after?

I seek enlightenment in cryptography, cyber security and system administration. Be aware, connect with care.

What I deem more important though is causes for the good of humanity. The World Wide Web influences each one of us every day and organizations are shifting its original intent of connecting people and sharing information freely to a dystopian network where everybody is part of a surveillance program driven by egocentrism and greed. We people lose our humane nature and the online connections no longer bring us closer - instead, they drive us apart.

Therefore, I believe that everyone should be aware of the following projects and support them to the best of their extent:

By the way, in an attempt to contribute to these causes, this website is 100% cookie-free (sorry, Cookie Monster).